Organized Crime Roundup, April 3 [Updated]

There could be enough dots to connect here, enough to start hypothesizing…

Well, so much for the whole Mexican Cartel – Aryan Brotherhood angle…

Police Charge Wife of Jailed ex-Kaufman County JP with Capital Murder

Breaking news from the investigation of the murder of a district attorney, his wife, and a prosecutor in Kaufman County, TX: The wife of the former JP who has already been jailed in connection with the crimes now faces a capital murder charge herself. In fact, she has been charged ahead of her husband, who was arrested earlier this week.

Kim Williams, 46, is charged with one count of capital murder and is being held on a $10 million bond in the Kaufman County jail. She was admitted just before 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Law enforcement officials have said they expect capital murder charges to be filed against her husband, Eric Williams, the former justice of the peace there. Eric Williams, also 46, has repeatedly declared his innocence.

Want proof that even we can get things wrong?  If we had known [read: done proper due diligence] about the source regarding who might have killed DA McLelland and his wife, we never would have reported it as a possibility.  From the same article:

There appears to be no connection at all to the line that the Southern Poverty Law Center and MSNBC pushed in the wake of the crimes, that the Aryan Brotherhood was involved. The murders look now like a local vendetta.

Authorities believe the disbarred former justice of the peace held a grudge against McLelland and Hasse, who prosecuted him last year in the theft of three computer monitors. During Eric Willilams’ trial, McLelland and Hasse portrayed him as a thief and a man with a violent streak. They pushes [sic] for him to be sent to prison. He was given probation, but the case is on appeal.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s so-called “hate map” has inspired one attempted mass killing. Its published speculation in the wake of the Kaufman murders created a national media push and one federal prosecutor resigned from a case involving the racist-crime syndicate Aryan Brotherhood.

Mea culpa.  Fortunately, the pros did their job and it looks like justice can be served.


4/15 Update:

 Former justice of peace eyed as suspect in murder of Texas DA, wife

A former justice of the peace who is now a top suspect in the deaths of a Texas district attorney and his wife is expected to be charged with capital murder this week, law enforcement authorities said.

Eric Lyle Williams, 46, was arrested Saturday on a charge of making a terroristic threat and is being held in the Kaufman County Jail on $3 million bond. His arrest came after federal and local agents investigating the March 28 deaths of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, searched Williams’ home on Friday. Williams was prosecuted by McLelland last year for theft.

4/05 Update:

FBI Documents Connect Aryan Brotherhood with Mexican Cartels

News coverage of the assassinations of Kaufman County, TX Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, District Attorney Mike McLelland, and McLelland’s wife Cynthia has turned to the alleged involvement of a group named the Aryan Brotherhood (AB).

Considering McLelland was part of a task force that investigated the Aryan Brotherhood, and in light of the recent killing of Colorado prison chief Tom Clements allegedly by a member of a white supremacist prison gang, this theory that the AB may have been involved in the murders clearly has some merit.

Yet in that coverage, the mainstream media has gone to great lengths to label ad-infinitum the Aryan Brotherhood as a “white supremacist” group, implying a racial motivation. The AB, even if involved at all, however, may have been motivated not by a “white supremacist” philosophy, but rather by something more mundane. Evidence suggests that the Aryan Brotherhood has morphed into what is primarily a drug-trafficking gang, and there is a more frightening possibility: that the Aryan Brotherhood is acting as a conduit, doing the dirty work for a Mexican drug cartel criminal insurgency into the United States.

In November of last year, for example, an Aryan Brotherhood member went on the record stating that he had helped smuggle hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine across the border from Mexico. According to the Mexican newswire Notimex, the AB member “stated that he had some important connections with Mexican drug cartels.”

Texas Slaying First Time in History Wife of U.S. Prosecutor Has Been Targeted

While the motive for the apparent and unprecedented assassinations are still unknown, authorities suspect Mexican drug cartels and their associates that are escalating and infiltrating major cities in the United States were behind the apparent executions.

As Breitbart News reported, some in the national security community believe the reported murders, especially since McClelland’s wife was also gunned down, are bold and darings acts of escalation by various drug cartels and groups who may be associated with them.

A “national security expert who has spent several years in intelligence gathering operations around the Mexican drug cartels’ criminal insurgency into the continental United States” commented to Breitbart News that, “this assassination of DA McClellend and his wife is meant to send a message: no one is safe, no one is beyond our reach. We will kill you and your loved ones. We are in control here.”

“This is a significant point of escalation in the crisis,” he said. “This type of high-profile targeting of public officials is a classic insurgent tactic. Its escalating use inside the US shows a complete lack of fear of consequences and demonstrates the fundamental shift in the strategic landscape that has already occurred.”

Two months earlier, McLelland’s boss, Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, was murdered as he was entering a courthouse on January 31. McLelland said his office has prosecuted several cases against racist gangs, which are active in the state and may be working with Mexican drug cartels.

When Breitbart News interviewed McClelland two weeks before he was apparently murdered, he said he could not comment on whether “low-level Mexican cartels have had involvement with the Aryan Brotherhood in Texas regarding methamphetamine trafficking,” or if it was “possible the Aryan Brotherhood is either acting as hitmen or paying prosecutors back.”

Report: Prosecutor Quits Aryan Brotherhood Case Citing ‘Security Reasons’

A federal prosecutor involved in the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas case has reportedly withdrawn citing “security reasons.”

No official connection has been made between the Kaufman County shootings case and the white supremacist group, but investigators are focusing their efforts in that direction.

Four of the group’s leaders were indicted in October of 2012, and in December a bulletin was issued that the supremecists might attempt to harm law enforcement officials in retaliation for the probe that also nabbed 30 more of its members.

The group was founded in the Texas prison system in the 1980s and now has members inside and outside prison. It is known for killings, kidnappings, and prostitution.

Intruder Shot Dead at Home of Rural Colorado Prosecutor

An intruder who forced his way into the mountain home of a Colorado deputy district attorney was shot dead by either the prosecutor or her police officer husband, authorities said on Tuesday.

The shooting, shortly before midnight Monday, comes two weeks after Colorado’s prisons director was slain as he answered the front door to his home, and two days after the district attorney of Kaufman County in Texas was found shot to death with his wife.

An assistant prosecutor in the Kaufman County district attorney’s office was shot to death on Jan. 31, and authorities have said both Texas murders and the March 19 slaying of Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements appeared to be targeted killings rather than random acts of violence.

Authorities did not immediately release the names of the deputy prosecutor and her husband in connection with Monday night’s shooting.

The deputy district attorney made a 911 emergency call and reported that a man was at her door “behaving very erratically,” police said.

The prosecutor then told dispatchers that the stranger forced his way into her home. An altercation ensued inside and shots were fired, leaving the unidentified man dead, police said.

Texas Gov. Perry on D.A. Murders: Don’t Overlook Drug Cartels

On Wednesday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry suggested on Fox News that there is a potential connection between the Mexican drug cartels and the murders of D.A. Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia. “We know the drug cartels are very, very active in our country now,” Perry said on Fox News.  When asked by Jenna Lee about media accusations that the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) was behind the murders, and Perry responded by noting that if would be foolish to dismiss the possibility the AB and/or the cartels are responsible.  He went on to note that both the AB and the cartels respectively have an established presence on U.S. soil and could target elected officials.


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