Drone strikes – an interesting question

For the record: we support the use of drone strikes as a legitimate response to stateless terrorism.

However, this is an interesting question for the current POTUS and his sycophantic supporters:

President Obama, Would You Send a Drone to Cuba to Kill the Weathermen?

“…Within the next fourteen days we will attack a symbol or institution of Amerikan injustice. This is the way we celebrate the example of Eldridge Cleaver and H. Rap Brown and all black revolutionaries who first inspired us by their fight behind enemy lines for the liberation of their people.”

“Never again will they fight alone.”

With that announcement, broadcast on radio stations across the country on July 31, 1970, the Weather Underground, which included Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, Mark Rudd, and others, split from Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and declared war on “Amerika.” This group already had a string of bombings, arsons, and other terrorist activities under its belt; two months before the announcement three members of the core group had  been killed building a bomb in a Greenwich Village townhouse. An FBI report later stated the group possessed enough explosives to level both sides of the street.

In the two years after the “Declaration of a State of War,” there would be two more high-profile bombings — a New York City police station and the Pentagon.

In October 1970, the Chicago Daily News reported (see FBI file) on the radical leftist activities of Americans traveling between the U.S. and communist Cuba, calling the country a “revolutionary factory.” Fidel Castro’s Cuba had become a veritable post-graduate training ground for radicals in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Hardcore anarchists and left-wing professors visited alongside peaceniks who picked sugar cane and oranges for Castro’s collective. Some 4000 Americans visited Cuba for varying lengths of time during that decade.

So: would the POTUS use the same weapons systems that killed American-born Anwar al-Awlak against the equally credible threat of the communist Cuba-based Weathermen?  How about domestic militias?  American religious extremists?  Given that drones were reportedly used in locating multiple-murderer Christopher Dorner on American soil, these are relevant questions.

Why isn’t this being asked by the Old School Media?





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