Clinton Lied Again: Benghazi Update, January 2013.

Madam Secretary, you lie.  Goebbels himself would be proud of your audacious ability to lie so convincingly in absolute defiance of the facts:

Hillary Clinton’s Dodgy Testimony

That’s simply untrue. When she stood by the caskets of the four Americans killed in Libya, she directly blamed an “awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with.” Afterward, she reportedly told the father of Tyrone Woods, the former Navy SEAL who was killed in the attack, “We will make sure the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.” Why tell the man that if the video had nothing to do with it?

Moreover, Clinton was part of an administration that crafted an entire PR strategy to blame these attacks on “an awful Internet video.” White House press secretary Jay Carney was unequivocal: This was a “response to a video, a film we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting.” In his address to the United Nations, President Obama mentioned the video six times but al-Qaeda once. When he appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, he blamed the video directly. U.N. ambassador Susan Rice went on five Sunday shows blaming the video. All of this happened when they already knew it was not true on the day of the attack, and even the president of Libya had publicly called the protest explanation ridiculous.

‘Madam Secretary, You Let the Consulate Become a Death Trap’

“As you were dealing with the crisis as it went on, did you think, or act on the basis that this was a film protest gone out of control? And when you briefed the president, did you tell him that? Or did you tell him, which Admiral Mullen suggests you knew by then, that this was a well planned and executed terrorist attack? Which was the president told?” [Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.)] asked Clinton.

“Well first of all, I said the very next morning that it was an attack by heavily armed militants,” Clinton responded. “The president said that morning it was an act of terror. At the same time, however, I was dealing with protests against our facilities that were clearly connected to that video.” [emphasis added]

“When you say that we enraged the Islamic terrorists, that means we’re at fault, they’re not at fault. And then to look and see that the only people that I know are in jail right now is the filmmaker. Isn’t this a little disconcerting?” Rohrabacher continued.

“The very next day I called it an attack by heavily armed militants on our compound. I think there is still, however, questions about exactly what caused it, who the attackers were. The ARB, after months of research, said the picture is still very complicated,” Clinton said. [emphasis added]

Further bolstering our claims that Clinton – and, by extension, the Obama Administration – is completely, absolutely and utterly lying through her teeth about each and every aspect of her involvement in the post-Benghazi attack damage control process:

The ARB [Accountability Review Board] later reported that one of the State Department security officers at the Benghazi mission, watching a video monitor, saw the attack begin at about 3:42 p.m. Washington, D.C., time on Sept. 11, when dozens of armed terrorists swarmed through the main gain of the compound. He immediately sounded an alarm in the compound. He then used a cell phone to notify the CIA Annex down the road and the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli. The U.S. Embassy in Tripoli then immediately notified State Department headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“I was notified of the attack shortly after 4:00 p.m.,” Secretary Clinton testified on Wednesday.

Later that night, before 11:00 p.m. Washington time on Sept. 11, Clinton issued a statement linking the still-ongoing Benghazi attack to “inflammatory material posted on the Internet.” [emphasis added]

The Associated Press published a report quoting Clinton’s statement even before former Navy SEALS Woods and Doherty were killed by a terrorist mortar strike on the CIA Annex in Benghazi. Earlier that evening, CIA security personnel from that Annex had gone to the rescue of the State Department personnel at the Special Mission Compound, and helped get the five surviving State Department security officers out.

Further, on September 14, 2012, 3 days after the Benghazi attack:

…and don’t get us started on UN Ambassador Rice’s repeated insistence that the Benghazi attack was a result of “the video.”

Clinton Has Talked to Only 1 American Benghazi Survivor in 4 Months; Talked to None in Wake of Attack

Under questioning from Sen. Ron Johnson (R.-Wis.) in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed that she has spoken to only one of the American survivors who was evacuated from Libya after the Benghazi attack. Presumably, this was one of the five Diplomatic Security officers who fought off the terrorists at the State Department’s Benghazi Special Mission Compound on Sept. 11 and who lived to be able to report as eyewitnesses about what had happened there that day.

Clinton also claimed in her exchange with Sen. Johnson that it would have been inappropriate for her to talk to the the surviving State Department officials–who worked for her, and who had been deployed to Benghazi under her authority–until they had been interrogated by the FBI.

Because Clinton testified that she has only talked to one of the survivors, she could not possibly have even personally thanked–let alone heard the eyewitness accounts of–four of the five Diplomatic Security officers who put their lives on the line to protect Amb. Stevens and the U.S. facility in Benghazi.

She did not reach out to them in the hours or days after the attack to get their personal accounts of what had happened–information that clearly would have been valuable to her and her subordinates as they explained to the nation what actually happened that day.

Republicans challenge Clinton claims on budget cuts, Benghazi cable

Still, then-Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security Charlene Lamb testified in October that the size of the attack — and not the money — was the issue.

Asked if there was any budget consideration that led her not to increase the security force, she said: “No.”

Another pivotal issue Wednesday dealt with an Aug. 16 cable. That cable summarized an emergency meeting the day before by the U.S. Mission in Benghazi and warned the consulate could not defend against a “coordinated attack.”

That cable is seen as one of the vital warnings sent out of Libya in the months leading up to the attack. But, to the dismay of lawmakers, Clinton repeatedly said she never saw it.

We are led and controlled by some of the very best liars, prevaricators and dissemblers alive on the planet today.  Goebbels and Molotov could only wish for such a fawning and enabling press corps.

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