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Run Hillary, RUN! She Wiped The Emails

As the RNC is pointing out, even Nixon [whom Hillary was heavily involved in prosecuting back in the day] didn’t wipe the tapes: Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton wiped her server clean Hillary Clinton wiped “clean” the private server housing emails from her tenure as secretary of state, the chairman of the House committee investigating the […]

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“ISIS is no worse than the KKK”

Originally posted on chrishernandezauthor:
A certain strain exists within American society, a portion of our population who believes evil’s root causes are all white, male and Christian. This culminates in the amazing belief that Muslim terrorist organizations like ISIS, responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people over just the last several…

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When racism isn’t racism (and why all white people are heroes)

Originally posted on chrishernandezauthor:
Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation: People of several different races are having a public event. Two people of one specific race show up to cover the event. Someone at the event says, “We don’t want that race here.” The two race-offenders are escorted out of the event, despite the fact that…

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Obama Scandals: DHS and Democrats

Gosh.  I doubt anyone saw this coming… Report: Homeland Security official used improper influence in visa cases involving prominent Democrats The No. 2 official at the Homeland Security Department improperly intervened on behalf of foreign investors seeking U.S. visas in three cases involving prominent Democrats, including a company run by the youngest brother of likely […]

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Modern Useful Idiot: ISIS Better Than Cops

Left-wing state legislator: Police are worse than ISIS Nebraska state Sen. Ernie Chambers compared U.S. police to Islamic State terrorists and added that if he carried a weapon, he’d use it on a cop. “My ISIS is the police,” Chambers said during a Friday legislative hearing. “I wouldn’t go to Syria, I wouldn’t go to […]

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The Economics of Green Power

They don’t look like they add up: Green energy costs ‘far higher than ministers admit’ The true cost of wind farms and other green power projects is far higher than ministers have admitted, a new Centre for Policy Studies report claims, claiming renewable energy will be “the most expensive policy disaster in modern British history”. […]

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Cool Tech: Force Fields!

Well, sorta. Boeing patents sci-fi force field that deflects explosive shock waves Boeing is perhaps best known for the commercial aircraft that most people have flown on at one point or another. But the company also has interests in rockets, satellites, space exploration, and an array of military technology. Its latest patent takes a turn […]

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Idiot Jock, the Bigger Person, and the First Amendment

“Stupid is as stupid does.” Little League star Mo’Ne Davis goes to bat for her Twitter tormentor Mo’Ne Davis, the teenage pitching phenom who took Little League by storm and has inspired a Disney movie, went to bat Monday for a college star who got kicked off his team for a nasty tweet about her. […]

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Top. Men. Control U.S. Foreign Policy and Gov’t

Top.  Men: Obama Won’t Congratulate Bibi — But He Congratulated Erdogan, Sisi, Rouhani … and Putin! He put more effort into defeating Bibi than he did assisting the Iranian Green Revolution: Obama To Iran Green Revolution Dissidents: Drop Dead At least we have one thing: after 6 years, he’s been remarkably consistent…

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A United Kingdom flag flying next to a European Union flag

PC Alert: Child Sex Predators

…in England might not be White: ‘Disproportionate Number’ of Pakistani Child Sex Abusers in Birmingham, Report Says A “disproportionate number” of Pakistani men have been involved in sexually abusing children in Britain’s second largest city, according to a new report. The study by Stephen Rimmer for Birmingham City Council found nearly 500 children had been […]

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