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Guns Up, Crime Down

Don’t believe John Lott, “bitter clingers” or anyone right of Joseph Stalin? How ’bout those fellow travelers over at the [very anti-gun] Holder DOJ? FBI Report: More Guns Correlated With Less Crime In First Half Of 2014 As Breitbart News previously reported, private gun sales skyrocketed during 2013 with 21,093,273 background checks. And now the […]

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Marriage’s “Slippery Slope” Has Been Achieved

It’s already too steep to stop at this point.  But I’ve been cautioning about this for some time now: Sen. Graham to Loretta Lynch: If Gay Marriage OK, Why Not Polygamy? If gay marriage is a constitutional right, then why shouldn’t polygamy also be a constitutional right, Sen. Lindsey Graham asked Attorney General nominee Loretta […]

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It Isn’t About Race

…and it hasn’t been since the 1970’s.  It’s about control: N.Y. Times’ Charles Blow said nothing about cop who arrested his son being black On Saturday, Blow wrote on Twitter that he was “fuming” over a call he received from his son, a third-year student at Yale. He wrote that his son was “accosted” and […]

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Fair is Fair: Michelle O Gets It Right

…yes, I can’t believe I typed that either.  But, hey – even a broken clock is correct twice per day: Michelle Obama navigates limits on women in Saudi Arabia Joining President Barack Obama for a condolence visit after the death of the King Abdullah, Mrs. Obama stepped off of Air Force One wearing long pants […]

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World’s 1% Prepping to Flee?

Sounds like: Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up Super rich hedge fund managers are buying ‘secret boltholes’ where they can hideout in the event of civil uprising against growing inequality, it has been claimed. Nervous financiers from across the globe have begun purchasing landing strips, homes and […]

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Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals?

I think the title says it all:

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