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ISIS, 9/11, Open Borders and The Religion of Peace

While I wasn’t one of the last Bush’s fanbois, I did applaud his leadership in the weeks after 9/11.  Want proof God loves the USA?  Consider the possibility of President Al Gore after the Twin Towers attack….  :shudder: So, what do ISIS, 9/11, weaponized germs and Da Prez’s Open Border Initiative have in common? Found: […]

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Wait – The Polar Bears AREN’T Drowning?!?

The whole idea was so st00pid: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore was apocalyptic. ‘The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff,’ he said. ‘It could be completely gone in summer in […]

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Cool Tech Borders on Philosophical

Finally, all of those beer-induced college debates have some traction: Pixels of the universe: Experiment begins to see if the universe is a 2D hologram The Fermi National Accelerator Lab near Chicago, once home to the historic Tevatron atom smasher, has a new toy: the Holometer. As its rather fancy name suggests, the Holometer is […]

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No Corruption at the IRS!

Corruption?  Being investigated.  Liars?  Yup: IRS ethics lawyer facing possible disbarment, accused of lying The board found Ms. McGee took $7,850 from an account set aside for her client’s settlement through a series of “counter withdrawals.” But other than $5,000 paid to her client, “it is not clear where these funds went,” the board report […]

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Guns Up, Crime Down – A Practical Lesson

For those that prefer to “do” than learn from publications…I give you 2 case studies on gun control: Chicago crime rate drops as concealed carry applications surge An 86-year-old Illinois man with a concealed carry permit fired his weapon at an armed robbery suspect fleeing police last month, stopping the man in his tracks and […]

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It’s Racism, Dammit….Squirrel!

The Post-Racial President.  The AG that called Americans “cowards” regarding race.  They are what we get when we vote stupidly: 6 Times Black Americans Jumped to Racial Conclusions On Monday, a Rasmussen poll showed that a full 57 percent of black Americans believe that Officer Darren Wilson ought to be found guilty of murder for […]

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