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I Love This IntarWeb Thing

I mean, is anything on it not cool? Dedicated to Her Hillaryness…

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Peak Oil? Oh, Noes

The news for those of us stuck in the rut of the real world just gets better: Britain’s Underground Elephant Gets Bigger Two months ago, a small British oil exploration firm shocked the world when it announced a massive new oil discovery in southeast England, describing the site underneath Gatwick airport as a “world class […]

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V.P. Biden’s Son Is Dead – R.I.P.

While I don’t agree with much of anything Joe Biden holds politically, no parent should face the Hell of out-living their children. Our condolences to Mr. Biden and his family. Beau Biden, vice president’s son, dies at 46 after battle with brain cancer ‘Nuff said.  

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Heh. Humor Tainted by Truth

OK.  Perhaps not enough humor, too much truth… Scenes From the Decadent Period of the Dying American Republic Class: compare the outrage of a [perhaps] rape in Game of Thrones from the chirping crickets of Yazidi and Nigerian girls being sold at slave markets. Cognitive Dissonance.  In Spades.  [Which you would get if you click […]

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Benghazi Update: Clinton Emails

While I wish this kind of thing were released on Monday, as opposed to the end of the National Ubiquitous Media Bulletin [tm] cycle on Friday, the fact that this is making headlines at all is somewhat surprising: Internal emails show Clinton got detailed intel on ‘planned’ Benghazi hit WASHINGTON –  Internal State Department emails […]

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90% Death Rate – Are We Prepped?

Not Ebola.  Not chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.  Not “global climate change.” It’s ElectroMagnetic Pulses [EMP] or it’s solar-caused sibling, geomagnetic super storms. U.S. Preparation Lagging to Battle Potentially Devastating EMP WASHINGTON – A warning bell is being sounded urging the federal government to take the steps necessary to prepare for an electromagnetic pulse that […]

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Blind Justice

Clinton Non-Profit = Investigation?

Nah.  But we can dream of a day in which the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment actually means something: Clinton Foundation reveals up to $26.4M in previously undisclosed payments The Clinton Foundation acknowledged Thursday that it had received millions of dollars in payments that had not previously been disclosed under a 2008 ethics […]

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The Current State of Feminism

As they say, “…Like a fish needs a bicycle.”  First, an update: BU hire set up sex profile for rival Troubling tweets disparaging white male college students may be just the tip of the iceberg for incoming Boston University professor Saida Grundy, who has a history of Internet misdeeds, the Herald has learned. Grundy used […]

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Run Hillary, RUN!! Benghazi Update

Watch out for this name: Sid Blumenthal, a long-time Clinton adviser. Emails reportedly show confidant told Clinton Benghazi attack planned by fighters tied to Al Qaeda The guidance from ex-Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal was contained in a memo sent Sept. 13, according to The New York Times. It is the latest documentation effectively contradicting the […]

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Je Suis Charlie – Mohammed Imagery

Just sayin’… Courtesy Southernmost Guns, from whence a family member recently bought one of these: Have a problem with this?  Think Piss Christ.  

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