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California Now Tries To Control Sex. In College.

Seriously.  Is there no end to the insanity?!? Gov. Brown Signs Bill Telling College Kids Where, When to Have Sex California Gov. Jerry Brown affixed his signature to SB 967—the “Yes Means Yes” affirmative consent bill—which will require colleges to police their students’ sex lives. Some congrats are in order, I suppose? To collectivist feminists, […]

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More Holder “Best Wishes”

What an incredibly awful Attorney General Holder was.  And, I suspect, evem more will come to light as documents are released and people write memoirs: Eric Holder Runs from a Ticking Time Bomb Reality being far different from the President’s remarkable praise of his dear friend at today’s photo-friendly press conference, Mr. Holder lost all […]

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Because Profiling IS Racist

Despite the itty-bitty little ol’ fact that the Israelis have used it, with 100% success, in a hostile, 24/7/365 active environment… Justice Department expected to ban profiling by federal law enforcement Counter-terror investigators would be barred from undercover operations in mosques or other religious institutions unless there is reason to believe criminal activity is going […]

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Recovery? What Recovery?

Oh – the one for the 1%?  That we have.  For the rest of you…not so much. The Benefits of Economic Expansions Are Increasingly Going to the Richest Americans Back in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s, most of the income gains experienced during expansions — the periods from the trough of one recession until the […]

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Mr. Holder, Don’t Let The Door Hit You…

…on the way out, you miserable, execrable partisan hack.  There are simply too many things we loath about Mr. Holder, but so this is only a few that some to mind: Fast & Furious Oh, yes.  Yes we do, you racist weasel. Race Relations, Racism and Voter Suppression The New Media is having a fun […]

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War On Women: Fundamentalist Islam

Why isn’t this kind of thing mentioned as the REAL War on Women, not this faux bullshit the DNC keeps spewing: War on Women 2.0 Democrats believe women are strong and independent — but they’ll get the vapors at the wrong word. I would again suggest that this is the real War on Women: Islamic […]

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